Virtual Tour Features

Hosting on Matterport

You’ll get an embed-able link to your virtual tour. You can share this link on the social media and property listing sites of your choice. The hosting lasts for 12 months that can be extended by 6 month increments for $60.

Floor Plans

For an additional $49, you will receive a 2D Floor Plan of your property, available in both PDF and PNG image formats.  This is extremely useful for clients wondering if they can fit their home or office furniture into your space.

Dollhouse View

With any scan package, you’ll get a 3D dollhouse view as part of your virtual tour. More than just a 360 camera view of the inside of the property, you can now see a virtually constructed “dollhouse” of the entire
scanned area.

Additional Assets

For an extra $75, we’ll include the base assets (meshes, textures, and point cloud) used to create your virtual tour experience. Architects, engineers, or even 3D/VR hobbyists will find these files to be useful and fun!

VR Spaces

Scan Packages

Small Space

0 - 2500 sq ft


  • Virtual Tour
  • 3D Dollhouse View
  • 12 Month Hosting

Large Space

2500 - 4000 sq ft


  • Virtual Tour
  • 3D Dollhouse View
  • 12 Month Hosting

Extra Large

4000 - 7000 sq ft


  • Virtual Tour
  • 3D Dollhouse View
  • 12 Month Hosting


Commercial Businesses

Starting at

  • Virtual Tour
  • Google StreetView Integration
  • Hosted through Google


Floor Plan

Up to 10,000 sq ft


  • 2D Floor Plan Image (.png)
  • 2D Floor Plan Document (.pdf)

Additional assets


  • Color Point Cloud (.xyz)
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan Image (.jpg and .pdf)
  • High Resolution Floor Plan Image (.jpg and.pdf)
  • OBJ File of the 3D Mesh (.obj)

aerial drone images


  • High Quality Photos from the Skies
  • 3D Landscape View Available
  • Extra Features Available for Farms
  • Must Purchase VR Tour Scan for Discount
An additional mileage charge will be applied for distances greater than 15 miles from Bismarck, ND.
$50 for 16-50 miles | $100 for 51-100 miles | For 100+ miles, please contact sales.

Featured Tours

St. Mary's

502 Watercress Ave

5008 Cornice Dr.

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