Campaign Stat Reporting

   The greatest advantage digital marketing has over more traditional marketing avenues, such as radio, TV, traditional bill board, is the ability to interact with people. All forms of advertising are excellent for brand building and recognition, but they only passively interact with the marketplace. Web based digital advertising and smart passive advertising (outdoor digital ad platforms) have the ability, to varying degrees, to use marketing and advertising that requires a response from the “buyer” in the marketplace.

   Insite offers the same passive brand building and promotion, usually at a more affordable price point than traditional advertising methods. Metrics on user interactions with your ad content, whether it's static, video, .html or .gif advertising, allows you to get to know your customer as if they just walked into your store.

Campaign Metrics

We track the following metrics to help us analyze the total impact of your marketing campaign:

   Total people reached/total impressions

   Total views and unique views (if a video)Cost per reach/impression

   Cost per click/engagement

   - Clicks on ad
   - Link clicks directing people to your website
   - Likes, comments, & shares (on social media posts)

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